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How to Subscribe
1. Click Here to subscribe online, or
2. Click Here to download "Hello" Ring App via mobile, or
3. Call our 3Customer Services Hotline 1033
Content Charge
"Hello" Ring Monthly Charge 1 $18/ month [Free 2 connecting tones including 1 self-select connecting tone + 1 assigned connecting tone (the assigned connecting tone will be updated automatically monthly)]
"Hello" Ring Monthly Charge 2 $15/ month [Free 1 assigned connecting tone (it will be updated automatically monthly)]
Each connecting tone downloaded $6
"Hello" Ring Channel Monthly Charge $15 /month
Pre-listen connecting tone / connecting tone (Charges does not apply to "Hello" Ring Subscribers)
[Auto-renew] / [Auto-download] function to download $6 / connecting tone
Each DIY connecting tone recorded $6 / month (Applicable to designed customer only)